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Wealth Accumulation

Regardless of when your clients begin to accumulate wealth, ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of the plan requires:

  • Long term investment strategy and discipled approach
  • A disciplined approach
  • A thorough understanding of our client’s tolerance for risk

With many options available, let our team help you develop a plan that is right for your client. Our deep knowledge in advanced markets and insurance marketing provides you and your clients with cutting edge tools and resources from complex case design, contracting and servicing. Some accumulation vehicles include:

  • Permanent Life Insurance, including Premium Financing
  • Fixed Annuities
  • Variable Annuities

Wealth Transfer and Asset Protection

Wealth transfer and asset protection are important topics for baby boomers and seniors alike. Our experience staff can provide you efficient ways to maximize the distribution of assets to spouses, younger generations and favorite charities. A will or a trust can assign assets to beneficiaries, however these tools are designed to preserve wealth – not create it. A properly structures life insurance product combines with effective estate planning can substantially increase the amount passed on to a beneficiary.

With an array of policy options and structure, including single premium life, generation skipping planning and premium financing, lean on us for case design and quotes, contracting and annual servicing.

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