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Rob Viola Insurance Services has on-staff experts with deep knowledge in life insurance underwriting to handle any underwriting situation. Our firm has access to three underwriters that understand the complexities of underwriting every case and shopping for the right carrier. Let our term assist your with:

  • Carrier selection depending on unique medical situation
  • Preliminary underwriting to shop for best rate class
  • Provide multiple classifications and rates, so you can provide your client with many options

Impaired Risk

Our firm is one of the leaders in the impaired risk segment. This is the most demanding underwriting process of any type of insurance. We strongly encourage our advisor partners to allow us to work on obtaining the best rate classes for their clients – including reviewing in-force impaired risk cases to obtain better offers.

HIPPA Authorization Form (All States) Necessary to shop impaired risk case.

Quick Quote Questionnaires

When you have any reason to believe your client may not qualify for Preferred rates, completing a Quick Quote Questionnaire will enable you to intelligently question your client and develop information that an underwriter needs to evaluate your case. Contact us and we'll quickly give you an accurate assessment on your case. No client signatures necessary.

For all life cases, start with our Pre-Underwriting Tool/Quick Fact Finder.




Non-Medical Questionnaires



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Let one of our team members contact you and discuss your needs. Whether your next opportunity requires a simplified underwriting process, affordable term life insurance, funding for a Buy/Sell agreement or an exotic, multi-index universal life insurance product with financed premiums, Rob Viola Insurance Services, has the experience, and knowledge to assist you in closing your next sale.

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